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Dec 31, 1969 7:00:00 PM

Rental Market: Tenant Mobility, Rents and Property Prices

Single-Family Rent Growth Strengthened for Second Consecutive Month

Mortgage Credit Risk Attributes During the Pandemic for Conventional Conforming Purchase Loans

U.S. Single-Family Rent Growth Stabilized at a Low Level

10 Questions to Ask a Tenant Screening Service

An Inside Look into How Tenant Screening Increases a Landlord's Income

How to Price a Rental Based on the State of the Economy

6 Reasons Landlords Should Not Rely on Tenant-Run Credit Checks

10 Basic Facts About Tenant Screening Reports

COVID-19’s Impacts on the Rental Market: Questions Answered

PODCAST: How COVID-19 Will Impact the Housing Market

Renter Application Risk in Uncertain Times

9 Facts That Will Change the Way You Look at Tenant Screening Reports

What is tenant screening?

Property Insurance & Tenant Screening: Do Landlords Need Both?

Single-Family Rent Price Increases Double the Rate of Inflation

Common Tenant Background Check Mistakes?

An Inside Look into How Tenant Screening Increases a Landlord's Income

The Super Easy Way to Limit Tenant Problems & Evictions

3 Little Known Ways Background Checks Help You Choose the Right Tenant

How to Manage Rental Applications

7 Things to Know Before You Decide to Rent Your Property

5 Ways Rental Applications & Tenant Screening Save You Time in Choosing Your Next Renter

Landlord Tips for Managing a Rental Property

Applicant Identity Fraud Report

Multifamily Sales and Prices at New Highs

10 Things to Evaluate When Looking for a Qualified Tenant

Low Inventory Driving Rent Increases in Some Metros

Housing Costs Have Risen Faster for Renters than Buyers

What Every Landlord Should Know About Tenant Screening Regulations

Housing Recessions and Recoveries

Rents for Lower-Priced Rentals Increased for Fifth Consecutive Year

Homebuyers’ Mortgage Payments Up Three Times Faster Than Prices

Unlike Home Prices, Single-Family Rent Growth Not Slowing Down

Despite Slowing Home Price Growth, Investors Can Remain Confident

Rent Growth Ticks Up

Vacation Spots See Top Rent Growth

Are We Entering a Home Price Bubble?

Key Factors That Impact Tenant Length of Stay

5 Ways to Take Your Tenant Screening Further

First-Time Landlord Checklist

U.S. Economic Outlook: February 2018

Five Tips to Find Top-Notch Tenants for your Rental Property

U.S. Single-Family Rents Up 2.9 Percent Year Over Year in September

US Single-Family Rents Up 3 Percent Year Over Year in August

US Single-Family Rents Up 2.9 Percent Year Over Year in July

Hot Buys: The Top Five Markets for Rental Property Purchases

US Single-Family Rents Up 2.8 Percent Year Over Year in June

National Single-Family Rent Growth Decelerated in May 2017

Tenant Screening 101: A Step-By-Step Guide

CoreLogic brings Mobile-Friendly Tenant Screening to Landlords

U.S. Economic Outlook: March 2017

2017 HW Tech100 Winner: CoreLogic

Rent Growth for Higher-Priced Rental Homes Slowed in 2016

Effects of Student Loan Debt on Millennial Renters’ Creditworthiness

Increasing Student Loan Debt Affecting Millennial Renters

Single-Family Rent Growth Slows Down

Google Searches Shed Light on Rental Prices – Part II

Google Searches Shed Light on Rental Prices – Part I

CoreLogic Announces Rebranding of CoreLogic SafeRent as CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions

U.S. Economic Outlook: February 2016

Demographic Bulge to Drive Long-term Home Sale and Rental Markets

CoreLogic’s MyRental helps the little guys find best tenants

Rule of Thumb | Tenant Screening Services

CoreLogic Chief Economist Perspective - July 2015

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