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About MyRental.com

Helping you make sound decisions and control risk with tenant screening services.

MyRental.com is an online tenant screening service designed for independent rental owners to facilitate informed and confident leasing decisions.  The website offers a wide variety of background reports and services to help identify quality tenants who are more likely to pay the rent on time each month, protect the property, and stay for longer periods of time.

MyRental.com is backed by CoreLogic® Rental Property Solutions – the nation’s single largest aggregator of current tenant screening data and analytics. Information in the CoreLogic databases is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week and undergoes seven layers of quality control to validate and clarify the data.

Confidence in every leasing decision

Decision-making made easy
Rental properties with the highest quality renters reap the highest rewards.  So, our tenant score gives you a statistically validated way to rank order your applicants for lease performance so you can choose those most likely to fulfill a lease; and our criminal searches help you determine if a potential tenant has a background of violence, property destruction, sex offense or financial crime. You can’t lease to the right people if you don’t know who they are. With us you know.

Superior data for superior decisions
Your decisions are only as good as the data behind them. We connect you with the most comprehensive and predictive set of public, contributory and proprietary data. Our substantial database of landlord-tenant records provides a history of past renter performance. Our criminal search services are available on a county, statewide and multi-state basis. And, our tenant score analyzes data from multiple sources including application information, eviction history, and credit bureau data to deliver a single score that indicates the risk of each application – which can then be compared to the average tenant score in your area through Tenant Score PLUS

A simple solution
Complete a simple online signup process – no membership, set-up fees, monthly minimums or onsite inspection required.  Order only the reports you need, when you need them.  Results will be delivered quickly and securely to your online dashboard.

The bottom line is the bottom line
MyRental.com has one objective: to make sure your leasing decisions make the greatest possible contribution to your bottom line. Our background screening solutions give you the data you need to identify quality tenants who are more likely to pay the rent on time each month, protect the property, and stay for longer periods of time. 


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