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When you order a Credit Report, your applicant will be automatically sent an email requesting permission to share their credit information with you. The applicant will give permission by filling out a quick, online form. Once complete, you will be able to finalize your transaction and view your applicant’s full report through the Applicant Details tab on your dashboard.

MyRental offers landlords access to several types of background data that can be used to screen prospective tenants. For example, a criminal search can look for a background of violence, property destruction, or sex offense. A credit report, which we pull from TransUnion®, looks at the applicant's banking history such as payments for credit cards, car loans, and mortgages along with financial situations that involved the courts.

All products containing credit report data (Premium and Stand-Alone Credit) require landlords to get consumer credit consent. Should you order one of these products, we will send each applicant listed on the application an email. The email will contain a link which will route the applicant through a secure authorization process with TransUnion®.

To accommodate this process and keep you informed every step of the way, we have built a robust tracking feature. You can monitor the status of each applicant via the pending application feature from your dashboard. Once all applicant(s) listed on the application have completed the authorization process, we will charge your credit card and make the report(s) available to you.

As the Landlord/Agent, you do not need to collect the applicant's social security number if you are running a Premium package or standalone Credit report. You simply need to enter their full name and email address to submit a request via MyRental. We will email a request to your applicants, who will enter their information (including social security number) and provide consent to release their credit information to you.

For the Basic package and other (non-credit) standalone reports, you will need to provide the applicant’s full name, email address, date of birth, social security number, address and income information.

Landlords are generally able to identify the very high-risk and very low-risk applicants. However, most applicants are average risk. These applicants are the tough decisions. Landlords have difficulty determining which of the data elements available to them on any given application are relevant in predicting a satisfactory outcome to a lease and how each of those data elements should be weighted in their accept/decline decision. If you are seeking to make a solid decision around the average risk level, avoid rejecting an applicant that is likely to be a good tenant or accept an applicant with increased default or eviction risk, a tenant risk score can better differentiate qualified applicants and help add insight into your decision process.

The difference between applicants with average risk can be impossible to determine without a risk assessment tool, like a tenant score. Misjudgments about tenant selections can be costly and time-consuming for landlords in terms of the loss of the rental revenue stream, the turnover of the apartment unit and any eviction action that may be required.

Our SafeRent Score provides an objective measure of relative applicant risk, which can assist landlords in assessing the level of risk assumption and make better-informed decisions that can assist in reducing their overall risk exposure and can potentially help improve their profitability.

For the Premium and credit reports, once you add the applicant’s name(s) and email address(es), the applicant will receive an email link from My Rental. With the link, the applicant will create an account and log in to complete the screening. The reports will then be sent to the landlord upon completion by the applicant. For basic package and all other reports, the landlord will provide all required information, including the applicant’s full name, address, date of birth and Social Security number.

MyRental.com is a “pay as you go” service. You pay by credit card each time you run a report; there is no invoicing. We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®.

Yes, prospective tenants can pay the cost of screening with our Premium package using a credit or debit card. All other packages must be paid for by the landlord. Once payment is complete and credit authorization process is complete, the landlord will receive the report privately and securely.

This doesn’t have to slow you down. If one or more applicants completes the authorization process but others decline or fail the process, the application will then be processed reflecting only the applicants who pass. The cost to run the reports will be updated automatically.

It depends on your needs. With no minimum and no sign-up fee, you can access valuable information on a potential tenant quickly. Our featured package, MyRental Premium, includes all of the data you need to make an informed decision on your applicant. For those individuals/owners that simply require an eviction report, address history and/or criminal history information, the Basic package is ideal.

SafeRent is a provider of resident screening for single and multifamily property operators. We designed MyRental.com to address the tenant screening needs of individual landlords.

Landlords turn to us for data about their applicants’ prior eviction records, address history, criminal backgrounds, credit reports and more, to help them evaluate risk and thus, make better informed leasing decisions.

Landlords turn to us for comprehensive data about their applicants' prior eviction records, address history, criminal backgrounds, credit report and more. Armed with this information, landlords can evaluate the risk of an applicant and thus, make more informed leasing decisions.

MyRental performs a “soft pull” when retrieving the applicant’s credit report. Soft pulls do not affect the applicant’s credit score.

Applicants cannot run reports on themselves.

Tenant screening is primarily done by residential landlords and property managers to evaluate prospective tenants. The purpose of screening is to minimize risk.

A tenant screening report is a cost-effective consumer report that may include criminal and civil background searches. Tenant reports may contain one or more of the following elements: credit score, eviction records, criminal records, sex offender registry check, employment verifications, and comparative analysis with scores in the same region. Landlords and property managers are then advised to set thresholds that will determine if a prospective applicant is approved or denied.

A rental application is used by property managers and landlords to collect pertinent information about the potential tenant.

Before a potential tenant can move into an apartment, they will likely need to provide some basic information, including the following: Name, social security number, contact information and employer’s name. In addition to this basic information, some property managers and landlords may require additional information such as: Proof of employment or a W2 to verify income, background and credit checks, past rental history and references.

Landlords and property managers must obtain written permission from the potential tenant before moving forward with a consumer background report. Prior to requesting a tenant’s credit report, a potential tenant should also be provided with a summary of their rights under the Fair Credit Report Act.

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