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Eviction History

An applicant’s eviction history can indicate future rent payment behavior.

Our eviction history reports are compiled from public landlord/tenant court records that have been filtered for quality using identity check and search logic*.  This extensive eviction history information has proven to be a leading indicator of future rent payment behavior and can help you select applicants who are most likely to fulfill a lease, thereby:

  • Reducing the likelihood of resident skips and evictions
  • Decreasing the costs associated with collections, lost rent, vacancy, and resident damage

The eviction history report includes:

  • Tenant Social Security number alert – Notifies you of potential issues with an applicant’s SSN
  • Tenant inquiries – Indicates if the applicant has applied for housing within our national network
  • Eviction court records on file including:
    • Tenant judgment for possession and money
    • Unlawful detainers
    • Tenant judgments for rent
    • Failure to pay rent
    • Writs and warrants of eviction

*Our identity check and search logic automatically compares the applicant to the eviction information in our databases. The search uses enhanced identification tools, like expanded renter address history, to perform a more complete investigation of our database.

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