Rental Application and Tenant Screening

Quickly and easily identify Qualified tenants!

Fill vacancies faster by giving your prospective tenants a free, mobile-friendly way to submit applications online, with the option to include a background check.

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Step 1: Collect Applicant

Gather the first, middle, last name, and email addresses of the applicants whom you would like to create a rental application for.


Step 2: Set Up User Account.

Sign Up for your MyRental LandLord / Agent account.


Step 3: Start the Rental Application process.


Select ‘Get Started’ and ‘Rental Application’.


Step 4: Set up Property.

Fill out the rental property information, including address, monthly rent and lease term.


Step 5: Add Application Information.

Fill out the applicant(s) information, including first, middle, last name and email address and any co-signers if necessary.


Step 6: Specify Required Documents List.

Select additional documents you would like the Applicant to provide along with the application. Examples include: Copy of Driver’s License, Pay Stub, etc.


Step 7: Choose Screening Option.

Decide whether to include a credit and background check for your applicant(s). The screening can be sent after tenants submit their application.


Step 8: Decide who will pay for the screening. (Skip this step if not including screening)


If including screening, choose who will pay for it (you, primary applicant or each applicant)


Step 9: Review and Confirm.

Carefully review all the details of the application and make any edits using the pen icon. Enter promo code if you have one.

  • If this is your first screening/application in MyRental or if you have selected to pay for the screening by yourself, you will be asked to enter the Credit card information.
  • If you are not the payer don’t worry, you will not be charged.


You will receive a confirmation that the application was sent. You will be notified once the application and/or screening is completed and ready to be viewed. You may check the status of the application and/or screening on your homepage.